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Same web host company but different name
Web Host Analysis
Monday, 08 February 2010 13:21

jigsaw350_4a0b9f78b0ac4The danger of web hosting is that we are always deceived by lots of web hosts to believe that they are different. The truth is some web hosts are actually from the same company, but operates under a different domain or entity. This includes large web hosts who bought over small web hosts.

This investigation may not show that web host companies operate under different names is bad, and that they may not be the same management too (which likely being bought over). Chances are if you have trouble with any of them, you should stay away from its affiliates.

Here in our first research in Web Host Analysis, we are listing down which web hosts are actually under the same roof.


  1. To search a web host, please use your browser's built-in search and type the web host name.
  2. This list is in alphabetical order.
  3. If you know of any web hosts that run on different entities, please contact us with your evidence.
Web Host 1
Web Host 2
Web Host 3 Evidence
BlueHost HostMonster
  1. It's not a known secret. Read BlueHost vs HostMonster in BlueHost official forum.
  2. Office address in their contact pages are the same: 1958 South 950 East, Provo, UT 84606.
Easy CGI iPower FatCow
  1. Compare their contact page (iPower, Easy CGI & FatCow) which are identical except their contact details.
  2. URL structure above are the same, including their BML extension.
  3. Affiliate newsletters sent from both web hosts are identical except their contact and name.
Globat StartLogic
  1. Affiliate newsletters sent from both web hosts are identical except their contact and name.
Just Host
Super Green Hosting
  1. Footer of both web hosts say it all. However, at least they are being transparent about it.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 April 2010 03:37


0 # CEO 2010-07-21 18:27
You can add to the justhost list.

Also, would like to mention with Their company is just an enom reseller. They try to imply that they are a registrar, but they are NOT...
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